Wedding Crasher

Wedding Cake

Wedding Crasher is an indica-dominant hybrid, whose genesis lies in mixing Triangle Mint (known as Wedding Cake) with Purple Punch. Its flavor—a perfect combination of cookies and fruit, reminiscent of the typical American wedding cake—attests to its origin.

Regarding its morphology, it is a large plant with robust branches capable of supporting heavy flowers without causing additional stress that constrains development.

It is extremely productive and its name is completely descriptive—characterized by occupying all available space, so we recommend not mixing it with other varieties. Its compact and beautifully colored flowers take on a high-density diamond shape, are completely covered in resin and have a strong odor, so using good indoor anti-odor filters is recommended.

Wedding Crasher reaches up to 25% THC, so it must be consumed with a double dose of responsibility. Its effects can be anesthetizing and it is not recommended for new smokers. Its flavor is very intense, its smoke is dense, and, thanks to the combination of varieties with a high terpenic profile, the resemblance to cherry pie is well executed. The perfect balance between power, aroma and flavor make this variety an ideal choice, not only for the most gourmet consumers, but also for all types of resin extractions.



pack 1 semilla 10€

pack 3 semillas 23€

pack 5 semillas 38€