Somango X

It’s a plant created genetically in order to cover the demand of a large number of consumers. Plants such as Critical and Big Skunk have influenced the genetics of this concrete variety.

It’s recommended to grow it in indoor spaces or greenhouses, being outdoor spaces less recommended. It must be taken into account that the objective of this plant has always been directed towards an indoor production, that’s why this is the suggested process.

It is a plant characterized, above all, by its sweet and exotic flavour, which becomes a key aspect that makes it outstanding. Once its indica effects have been isolated, after its consumption, consumers must reach a climax as regards concentration.

It’s recommended to use it for mental, creative and philosophical efforts. Moreover, it combines effects of euphoria and relaxation, without causing lethargy, which allows the consumer to show his creativity. Its effects go on for hours due to its big power.


pack 1 semilla 8€

pack 3 semillas 20€

pack 5 semillas 32€