Insomnia has two key aspects which make it unique. First, it’s almost 100% sativa and then, it has a great production and amount of resin.

This variety can blossom in a short period of time, avoiding problems like plagues and mold. It’s characterized by a big resistance and its growing is valid for every space, being highly productive outdoors.

Its buds are hard, compact and filled with resin. During its genetic development, a special emphasis has been put on the improvement of buds and resin. The smell of its smoke is related to its flavour, featured by its hardness.

Its tasters describe the flavour as extraordinary, gathering cedar wood, incense and some lemon nuances. First of all, its effects are psychical and stimulating, although as its concentration in the body decreases, peace overcomes the individual.


pack 1 semilla 7€

pack 3 semillas 18€

pack 5 semillas 28€