Deus Herer


With great medical effects, it’s a variety with a lot of power. Given Apex nonconformity, they have given this stump a new space.

We recommend to grow it in indoor spaces, although it’s possible to make it outdoors provided that it’s a dry climate preferably. As a result, a vigorous plant is expected, although its key point is its crystalline layer of trichomes, which spreads around the whole structure of the plant. It seems it is impregnated with dew.

Its flavour is very complex, as nobody is able to describe it with accuracy. It’s made up of a great many nuances, being a predominantly fruity phenotype. As concerns its effects, given the fact that they are totally anaesthetic, its consumption is designed for therapeutic purposes like combating insomnia.


pack 1 semilla 8€

pack 3 semillas 20€

pack 5 semillas 32€