Critical X

The Critical X from Apex is its stump par excellence. With more than ten years of existence, it’s a variety which originally comes from California. For more than a decade, specialists have been choosing in the different crop fields, mother plants genetically provided with the own and most distinctive features of the plant.

Its ease for growing must be remarked, being this the reason why it is recommended for any type of grower. Furthermore, it is a plant with a precocious growing (being considered faster than Apex) and highly recommended for indoor spaces during the winter seasons, because of its resistance to cold. Besides, its buds are characterized by being compact and hard and by containing resin.

It has a powerful sweet scent and a strong fruity flavour which will captivate consumers’ taste buds. The citrus and bluish mixed nuance achieved makes Critical X unique and genuine. It’s characterized by its hybrid predominance. The effects experienced after its consumption are, first of all, cerebral, followed by a relaxing and delightful physical feeling.


pack 1 semilla 7€

pack 3 semillas 18€

pack 5 semillas 28€