Chunky Cookies

From the cross-straining of the Poison Durban and a selection of OG Kush, our Chunky Cookies strain was born. A sativa dominant strain with hints of indica, we have come up with a variety that has power, production and resistance.

We can get a relatively high production outdoors, up to 18 ounces without sacrificing the quality. This variety provides great resistance to wind and rain, thanks to its wide and strong stem, making it ideal for outdoor growing.


A plant with a floral flavor and smell, that when tasted, creates a great amount of flavours and undertones, like menthol, cucumber, pepper and lemon.

This strain provides body relaxing effects but with a touch of prolonged euphoria.


pack 1 semilla 8€

pack 3 semillas 20€

pack 5 semillas 32€