Choco Muffin

Choco Muffin

Choco Muffin is the result of crossing Chocolope—one of the “Hall of fame” varieties and winner of many cannabis cups worldwide—with Purple Planty Dropper—one of the most relaxing and aphrodisiac varieties from our own reserve. It is important to note that to launch this strain on the market we have screened in order to select a phenotype that has the same level of quality as its origins.

We can be proud to have created a hybrid with all the characteristics of an indica combined with the potency of THC and the terpene profile of a sativa.

Its cultivation is not very demanding; it is considered suitable for all types of growers with a minimum degree of experience. It is very resistant to mold and various diseases and its root system makes it ideal for continuous propagation of clones. Its production is more than satisfactory, characterized by resin-full flowers and a powerful chocolate and haze aroma.

It is characterized by produing tall plants, something to take into account when growing indoors. The same goes for outdoors—growers can obtain large trees that can easily exceed 2 meters in height. It is a late plant, so it will produce fruit at the end of October.

The most remarkable feature is its flavor: intense, sweet, floral, and a bit sour with hints of chocolate. These specific characteristics make it have devoted followers, as well as captivate its new consumers. Its sativa predominance gives a good high, useful to alleviate stress and anxiety.



pack 1 semilla 10€

pack 3 semillas 23€

pack 5 semillas 38€