Blue Monkey

With 100% American genetic origins, it’s a well-known Indica demanded by cultivators seeking it out for its therapeutic purposes.

Being a Sativa origin, we will have high plants of late collection outdoors. The branches are
thick and the buds have a large amount of resin, hence it´s effects. For indoor cultivation it is
recommended to use some pruning to control the growth of the plants.

Its buds are aromatic and of a considerable size, covered with a thick layer of resinous crystals. When tasting, we can appreciate lemon and pine wood aromas, combined with earthy and sweet undertones. The effects are very powerful, it´s the variety with the highest THC in our catalog and provides a great psychoactive power.


pack 1 semilla8€

pack 3 semillas 20€

pack 5 semillas 32€