Biscotti is one of the favorite Apex Seeds varieties, since it combines pioneering and avant-garde genetics all from the American plane. To get this variety we used Larry Bird—better known as Gelato and GSC The Mint, one of the most recognized phenotypes of Girl Scout Cookies. Then we mixed Gelato with one of the most complete phenotypes of the Kush genotype—known as Florida OG. At Apex Seeds we are excited to have selected a phenotype, sufficiently balanced, to provide consumers with a unique experience.

Biscotti produces medium-large plants with short internodes, allowing an abundant creation of flowers. Due to the large amount of resin, these flowers often resemble cookies coated in powdered sugar. This combined with the reflections given off by its reddish, blue and orange buds make Biscotti an eye-catcher.

Its yield is acceptable both indoors and outdoors; as its plants are large, making a SCROG indoors would be a suitable option for increasing production. It is also very resistant to external contamination and positive stress.

It is a variety that requires constant humidity, both in the air and in the substrate, which must be taken into account if you want to reap maximum results.

Since it needs constant humidity, it is recommended, for outdoor cultivation, to cultivate it in humid climates, and, being of late harvest, it will not be ready until the end of October.

Biscotti has a sweet taste at first, followed by a touch of citrus with a certain berry essence. It is quite reminiscent of Granny’s typical homemade cookies; its characteristic aroma in the last stages of the harvest intoxicates the entire cabin in which it is found.



pack 1 semilla 10€

pack 3 semillas 23€

pack 5 semillas 38€