It grows from the mixture between Haze and White Widow. Apex has been able to emphasize the production of the plant making it become the most productive one, not only among its varieties, but also and probably in the whole market.

It’s a variety which stands out in every sense, easy to grow and with high productivity, given the density of the buds. Outdoors, it must be grown for a long cycle of life and in a wide space. This way, the plant will have a great brightness, which allows the obtaining of really good results of production.

Given the fact it’s a variety with a high quantity of THC and more sativa than indica, it has a great psychoactive power, recommended for those who look for cerebral activity. It has a hint of incense, however, at the end, it has it has a scent of cedar wood.


pack 1 semilla 8€

pack 3 semillas 20€

pack 5 semillas 32€