Auto Super Monkey XXL

Auto Gorilla

Auto Super Monkey XXL arises from the cross between a very productive autoflowering Gorilla Glue and an even more productive automatic Bruce Banner. The result is this exclusive monstrosity, designed to create heavy blooms in a short amount of time, from Apex Seeds.

Its name—Auto Super Monkey XXL—honors its structure, composed of strong and rigid branches that host heavy flowers. Despite its output, it is an extremely easy variety to grow. It is an autoflowering variety that offers a higher yield outdoors, where it is recommended to plant in large pots or in the ground, capable of obtaining up to 200gr per plant.

It is important to keep in mind the need for constant fertilization, from start to finish, due to its explosive growth. Its large amount of resin gives the buds a whitish appearance and a very sticky texture.

Auto Super Monkey XXL’s flavor is very peculiar; at first smokers will be able to note a pine scent and, during the exhale, taste an intense citric aroma that is somewhat bitter. Its aroma and dense smoke are very reminiscent of the 90’s varieties and, thanks to its high terpenic profile, it ranks as one of our catalog’s tastiest strains. In terms of effects, it has a high psychoactive power and a Hulk effect when consumed, so we can feel euphoria followed by absolute relaxation.



pack 1 semilla 10€

pack 3 semillas 23€

pack 5 semillas 38€