Auto Sorbet

Auto Sherbert

This fourth generation autoflower is more than suitable for all types of growers, due to its relative simplicity and absence of problems. It does not stop there; its production is also more than satisfactory. Auto Sorbet is an 80-20 indica and sativa hybrid, respectively, born from crossing Auto Girl Scout Cookies with Auto Durban Poison. So we have before us a versatile strain, both in terms of cultivation and taste and effects. We trust that Auto Sorbet is one of the most demanded varieties due to its previously explained characteristics.

Being a low-height variety, it can be grown discreetly indoors without sacrificing a high yield. On average it will provide about 500gr per plant, which is more than satisfactory, since—briefly speaking—it will go unnoticed in places such as balconies. Its flowers are large, heavy and covered with a layer of resin. In addition, it will grow at a constant and rapid rate without requiring great attention. Although it does not need intensive care, it does require growers to have some basic concepts of cultivation, since it has a more than astonishing growth rate. It is resistant to mold and pest attacks, and, if a cultivation method such as SOG or SCROG is used, its productive potential can be taken to the limit.

Auto Sorbet’s enchantment lies in the flavor, which contains a diverse combination highlighted by fruity citrus notes. It will leave an aftertaste on the consumer’s palate moments after each puff. Its effects are more physical than psychoactive, so consumers can expect a pleasant sensation of relaxation.



pack 1 semilla 10€

pack 3 semillas 23€

pack 5 semillas 38€