Auto Biscotti

Auto Gelato GorillaWP

Efficiency—a word that undoubtedly best describes Auto Biscotti. We attained this variety, which is very popular among lovers of American genetics, from crossing our Auto Biscotti with OG Kush auto. We raised the bet and launched an autoflowering variety, with nothing to envy of seasonal varieties, maintaining the essence of Apex Seeds.

With a more than acceptable production and easy cultivation, Auto Biscotti is recommended for both indoors and outdoors. This variety produces an abundance of large flowers, especially in the center. Like its seasonal version, it does not lose much weight during drying, but it needs a little more time to cure in order to fully enjoy its colors and aromas. This variety’s growth is characterized by its explosiveness, from the first stage until the end of its cycle. We highlight its growth outdoors and in hot climates, recommended to reap the best results.

Due to its plentiful trichome production and fantastic terpene profile, Auto Biscotti is recommended for resin extraction.

The power and magic of Auto Biscotti is found in its full-bodied flavor, despite being a fast variety. The flavors, with spicy and earthy incense notes, are mixed with citrus fruits, procuring a sensory experience with a high terpenic profile.



pack 1 semilla 10€

pack 3 semillas 23€

pack 5 semillas 38€